In August 2014, I came across a news article saying “One lakh children go missing in India every year and Maharashtra is one of the worst state in this”. I just got nervous! Then I checked the documents and records published by the National Crime Records Bureau and was greatly distressed to know that the children are kidnapped for trafficking, ransom and forcing them to beg. After digging deep into the issue, I found one of the scenarios for kidnapping is when the child is out from Home.

I wanted to build something that will keep parents updated about their child’s whereabouts. So I started thinking of something which will intimate parents when the child enters and leaves school, tuition, hobby class, etc. I thought of a biometric fingerprint system which seemed to be difficult to use for kids. So I finalized upon Contactless Card-based system. When I discussed this idea with some schools and tuitions, their suggestion was, it should be connected with Student Management System which will offer security as well as automation.

Then me and my team, thought of building a system which will intimate parent when the child enters and leaves the school/tuition, helps institute to manage students’ data and offers parents a convenience to access their child’s information. This is how we started building a solution- 360Track in December 2014.

Mayur Dabhade
Co-founder and CEO
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