1. 360Track Device

360Track device can be affixed at the entrance of the Institute. While entering, as student scans the card, device will display a welcome message for student and parent will receive an SMS. And the same will follow when the student leaves the Institute.

SMS will be sent at the moment & automatically- No operator required!

The response time of card scanning is less than a second per student.

The device comes with a Rechargeable Battery facility which keeps the system running in case of power failure and also makes it portable.

There are LAN & Wi-Fi connectivity modes available .

2. Privilege Card

This is an electronic card which needs to be tapped to the Device to register attendance. The size of the Privilege card is
like of a debit/credit card.

3. Web Panel

Web panel is a full-fledged Online Student Management System.

The web panel has 4 accesses for Institute Admin, Teacher, Parent and Student.

  Student Management
  Class Routine
  Study Material

4. SMS

A high priority SMS is sent to parents as and when the student enters and leaves the institute. The Transactional SMS will be sent via premium route, which can deliver SMS to DND activated numbers as well!

5. Mobile App

Mobile App ensures smooth access of the system to parents as well as students. 360Track has apps for all the three majorly used mobile platforms, i.e. iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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