The need

Though the educational sector is abuzz today, with a noted increase in the number of study sources, student enrollments, courses available and digital learning platforms, educational institutions face several challenges ranging from reaching out to students, enrollment process, security of students and various post enrollment activities.

With so many facets to the successful running of an educational institution, better operational efficiency and seamless communication with parents becomes an absolute imperative.

Issues faced by parents

  • Quality time available to understand the child& her needs.
  • Concern about child’s security when s/he is out from Home.
  • Lack of information about child’s academics.
  • Unable to focus on supporting child’s core requirements.

Issues faced by educational institutes

  • Wastage of time & efforts in book keeping activities.
  • Timely communication with parents.
  • Maintenance of present & past records manually.
  • Compliances with regulatory bodies.
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