Digital India Declaration

We are pleased to announce that we have got permission from Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India for using Digital India Logo on 04th July 2017 under the following terms & conditions:


  1. Mayur Dabhade on the behalf of 360Track Systems declare that I will make sure the following conditions are met while our organization will be using the Digital India Logo. I also declare that my organisation is liable to indemnify DeitY/NeGD all loss, damage, liability, cost expense suffered or incurred by DeitY/NeGD as a result of breach of these terms, including where my organization misrepresents itself as being Digital India.
  2. The Logo will be used solely for the purpose of linking to the Digital India website
  3. The link will always be on active link. 
  4. The logo will not be altered in my manner including its size proportions, font, design, arrangement, colours or elements or animated morphed or otherwise distorted in prespective or appearance. 
  5. The logo will be displayed in a positive manner and will not be used in any way that could mislead the public or bring the Digital India programme and its running projects into disrepute.
  6. The organisation shall ensure that use of the logo does not indicate or create false impression of endorsement, approval, sponsorship of affiliation of or with your website or for some products by Digital India or by DeitY/Govt. of India.
  7. The logo will not appear on pages including content, which DeitY finds in its sole discretion to be objectionable or which includes obscene, pornographic, violent, intorerant, tasteless, denigrating or sexually oriented content or materials.
  8. DeitY/NeGD reserves the right to take action against any use of the logo that does not conform to any of the conditions herein, or that infringes any intellecual prperty or other rights or violates applicable law.
  9. The logo will not be used or displayed in any way that disparages Digital India Program, infringes any intellectual property or other rights of DeitY, violates any national or international low, or diminishes or otherwise damages Digital India or DeitY’s goodwill in the logo.
  10. The user organisation will display these terms and conditions or it’s website at prominent place for the information of visitors.
  11. Digital India logo and tagline shall not be used to promote the organisation or it’s products in such manner as raising money through unlawful means form person, banks or other organisation.